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Award for 100 years of business.


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The company José Borrell S.A. received recognition for its 100-year history at the III Gala of Centenary Companies, held on November 9, 2022 at the Teatro Principal in Alicante (Spain).


This event is organized every year by the Club of Centennial Companies of Alicante, to which our company now joins, and is an initiative of the Alicante Chamber of Commerce and the Alicante Family Business Association (AEFA) which is sponsored by Cajamar, Alicante City Council through ImpulsAlicante and the collaboration of KPMG, PADIMA, the newspaper Diario Información and Alicante Commercial Museum.

This year, in addition to José Borrell S.A., other leading companies from Alicante region were also honored, such as Transportes Viuda de Tadeo Juan, Vicente Giner Carnicería, Hilaturas Ferre, José María Gómez Mira, Obleas Quintín and Almazara El Tendre.

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We want to congratulate and recognize all the awarded companies and sincerely thank the organizers, collaborators and authorities present for this award. We also want to dedicate this collective achievement to the founders of the company and to all the workers and clients who, from our beginnings, have always been our reason for being.