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New FAM Centris® Slicer for almonds


At BORRELL® we're very happy to announce the success of the new FAM Centris® M400 Slicer, special version for almonds and other nuts, have been developed thanks to our partnership with FAM - STUMABO, manufacturers of advanced food cutting systems & high quality cutting blades.

This new machine is a unique due its high capacity, reliability, high yields, hygienic construction, quick sanitation, easy adjustments and low maintenance and operation costs.




Some highlights and features, as follows:


  • Extremely precise centrifugal cutting principle with new and innovative patent pending cutting head technology.
  • Different impellers available depending on the application.
  • Impellers have round edges and vertical grooves to guide the product perfectly.


  • The 100% stainless steel cutting head weighs 12 kg, has 16 cutting segments and a reduced amount of parts, which simplifies assembly.
  • Unit can be positioned inline or as a stand-alone.
  • Infeed provides uniform product flow to the cutting head and avoids overloading of the cutting head.
  • Swivel infeed is an option.
  • Trapped key interlocking safety system prevents access to the cutting area during machine operation.
  • Rigid, seamless welded frame with no flat surfaces.
  • Storage for two cutting heads underneath the machine and designed to fit eurobin.
  • Equipped with a very robust and reliable Direct Drive System. 
  • No expensive gear box that requires continuous maintenance.
  • Equipped with a 2.2 kW (3HP) motor AC three phase stainless steel motor for low energy consumption and designed for easy sanitation and washdown.


  • Electrical control of the machine is start-stop without programming or read-outs in order to meet simplicity.
  • Can be positioned at the back or at the side.
  • Designed according to CE, FDA and HACCP regulations.
  • The drive, product and electronics zone are completely separated.


  • Continuous production of up to 2.000 Kg.h - 4.400 lb.h, approx. (whole meats clean from foreign aterial with a humidity range between 7% - 8% and advisable temperature of 75 C - 85 C / 167 F - 185 F).

We invite you to a demo and test! At BORRELL® facilities or we can arrange a custom demo for you in your production line.





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