Equipment for Processing Almonds

Slicing Almonds / Sliced Almonds

Blached & Sliced almonds being sized after drying using Borrell systems.




We get pretty & pasteurized sliced natural (not blanched) almonds processed in a complete line provided by BORRELL.


Natural Sliced / Slicing Natural Almonds






Video showing sliced almonds being processed using Borrell equipment. We manufacture machines & complete lines for almonds blanching, slicing, slivering, dicing, milling, roasting, drying and pasteurizing.

Borrell also provides almonds and hazelnuts hulling, shelling & sorting lines.

 Hulling & Shelling of Almonds
BORRELL Almonds Hulling & Shelling compact line running  Californian Almonds



Scalding & Blanching (Peeling) of Almonds



Quality Blanching of Almonds



 Sliced & Pasteurized of Natural Almonds



Slivers of Almonds