006 215almonds cracker 446x500 800


  • Exclusive & patented cracking and shelling system. Almonds, hazelnuts or apricot bones are cracked one by one. All sizes are processed at the same time.
  • Adjustable movement amplitude.
  • Redesigned system manufactured using precission CNC milling.
  • Shaft control system.
  • High quality of shelling in all hard shell and semi-hard almond varieties (Mission, Marcona, Padre, Comuna, Guara, Pearless and many others)
  • New push rods equipped with ultra high performance bearings. Low lubrication & maintenance needs. No bronze parts, most maintenance-free components.
  • Models of different capacities and performance: from 2000 lb/h to 10000 lb/h inshell product.
  • Suitable alone or in combination with our other cracking & shelling system.