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If you are looking for advanced top-of-the line solutions for hulling, shelling and processing almonds, hazelnuts and other tree nuts you came to the right place.

We manufacture high quality lines for:

- Hulling and shelling of almonds

- Blanching of almonds (Peeling)

- Slicing, dicing, cubing, roasting, packing and other processes for natural and blanched almonds

- Shelling and processing of hazelnuts, pistachios & walnuts.

- Sorting, Sizing, Screening, Cleaning all kind of nuts.

Our lines scale from small - a few hundred pounds of product per hour that are perfect for starting up - to very large scale , tens of thousands pounds of product per hour

In addition we offer individual machines to improve and expand any existing line. Sorters, cleaners, slicing, dicing and flour machine, weigher and so much more.


Our solutions are unique and one of the best in the industry

We use the most advanced technology and machinery to manufacture our products. It starts with our heavily invested R&D department combined with tens of years of experience. We have an engineering department that uses the most advanced tools to design the products. Our manufacturing is using the latest technology and the most advanced machinery. We have dedicated experienced and well trained teams. Our solutions incorporate advanced automation which allows better and more accurate results and full control of the processes.


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BORRELL also offers products and solutions developed with global partners as FAM Cutting Technologies, Cox & Plant, Mettler Toledo, Hydronix, Thermo Ramsey, Ros Tubes, Ibercomp electronics, Donaldson (Air Purification) among  others. 

These solutions include advanced quality control systems , packaging and continuous scales, metal detectors, moisture detectors, optical and IR analyzers, vacuum packing, automation systems (HMI / SCADA / OPC) and  traceability control software.


25 Blanching lines: Whiter almonds using less water and energy


Where are we

Borrell's main manufacturing plant is in Spain (Jose Borrell S.A.), having another workshop & sales office in California (Borrell-USA)


Our Background

Our solid company has been manufacturing equipment for the industry for 100 years, establishing itself as the leading equipment and solution provider it is today.



In 1922 Mr. Angel Borrell Ivars patented his first own automatic almond cracker design. His son, Mr Jose Borrell Collado also invented a huge range of new machines and designs, expanding the company to new markets and applications.  Josefa Borrell and Antonio Roig  keept expanding the business and taking care of keeping the Borrell values but moving the company to a next level of quality and productivity, continued today by the 4th generation and a renewed team of professionals.


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Mr. Jose Borrell Collado (1922-2013)


Our customers

We have customers in the 5 continents who are using our solutions for many years.

Our mission

  • Your success is ours.

  • Your satisfaction is our pride.

  • We do whatever it takes to get the best possible results

  • We are beside our customers through all phases, from inception through implementation and ongoing support.

  • Innovation is built into everything we do



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Machines & Equipment for Almonds, Hazelnuts, Pistachios, Walnuts, other Nuts, Seeds and Legumes


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